What is Niche Blogging: Step by Step Guide to Help You Get Started

What is Niche Blogging: Step by Step Guide to Help You Get Started

Do you think blogging is just a hobby? Well, you need to think about it.

It can make you some good income especially when you’re focused on a particular niche.

Niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular product or service. you can think of a fashion designer who is mainly into cloth designs for males only. Fashion designing is a general market while men’s only clothing designs are a niche market.


When it comes to blogging you can also specialize in a particular segment of the market, you can choose a “sports blogs” generalized market then niche to “basketball blogs”. This will give you some advantages such as the ability to focus and build authority around a niche, specialty in a particular niche, and audience that aligns with your passion or area of interest.

What is Niche Blogging?

Niche blogging involves creating a blog with a focus on a particular niche. They can be niche websites or niche blogs to cater to a specific needs, which can be in form of a particular sport, news, ethnicity, or industry.

Why Niche Blogging?

  • Niche blogs keep you focus

It’s hard to focus on a general blog, this is mainly because you may run out of ideas or be too clumsy with ideas. Imagine on days when you don’t have enough ideas and you’re tempted to write on your favorite food but, when you have a specific niche like football niche, it is very easy to say no to “food” because it has nothing to do with “football”

  • It gives you a reliable audience

Since your blog is focused on a specific market, you will build a reliable audience who will always turn to your site when they need to solve problems within your niche.

This audience will understand your blog and your personality when you cater to their needs.

  • Easy to monetize

Once you’ve built an audience, you can advertise your product and service to them, and they will surely be interested in it because they follow you based on interest.

  • Expand your knowledge

Focusing on a niche will expand your knowledge in that particular niche such that, you become more familiar with the topics

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For instance, when you focus on food blogs, this means you will mostly be writing food recipes and their method of preparation.

With this, you should have problems when you’re being asked how to prepare “Nigerian Native Soup”

How to get start Niche Blogging; a complete guide

There is a little to no difference between niche blogging and other forms of blogging.

It involves a thorough research and planning before you jump in and start writing, it  requires you to think more about just writing a blog but about how to write a blog about “something”

Let’s say you own a blog and you want to monetize your blog, you will want to be more careful while choosing a niche topic.

Below is a complete guide to help you get started on niche blogging;

1. Know Your Passion

If you do not find a topic interesting, it is advisable to avoid anything relating to such topic.

For instance, you might hate vegetables, deciding to write a niche blog is a bad idea. Even if you really like vegetable and so much want to write about it, it might not be enough.

You should have it at the back of your mind that you’re writing on a focused topic which will be difficult on it’s own. Such types of focused topics require you to be passionate about it else your blog may not function for a long time.

So passion should be your first motive.

2. Make a Short or Long Term Goal

Trends do not tend to last for a long period of time, but they tend to generate money for a while.

For instance, your niche blog may trend and generate a decent income on Facebook or Instagram but once Facebook users stop following the tread associated with your niche blog, your blog traffic will run down dramatically.


But that shouldn’t stop you from writing on such niche blog, as long as you’re determined to build your authority around a reliable audience and take advantage of trends in monetizing your blog.

3. Decide on Monetizing Your Blog

You can be writing your niche blog because you’re passionate about it and not care about monetizing it. Though, most people write blogs with the aim of monetizing it in the future because niche blogs are generally great for advertising and affiliate marketing.

If you want to do affiliate marketing, you will need to pick a niche topic where good affiliate marketing programs and products are available and in return you get a certain amount of money called commission. However, you will need to research well and find a reputable affiliate program that suit you best.

And if you’re looking forward to advertising, you will need whose topic attracts a targeted audience that has advertiser that are willing and ready to market to them. In addition, you will need to build your traffic to a stage before some advertising programs can partner with your blog.

4. Find Your Related Keyword Niche

Now that you’ve decided to write on a niche blog, let’s assume your niche blog is about rice.

But rice is quite a broad topic-what type of rice are you talking about? are You talking about how to plant or harvest rice? how to cook rice? fried rice? jollof rice or white rice?

You will need a more specific keywords if you want your niche blog to generate more traffic and monetize in the future.

Google keyword planner is a good tool for your niche blog keyword research.

You may also need to consider something like ”which niche blog will be easier to target for advertising, affiliate marketing  and it a niche blog on photography or cameras?

At times, the later is the best to go for if one is looking to monetize the website because when it comes to blogging, the more focused your audience are, the better you can monetize it.

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5.Work on your current blog

Maybe you currently have a blog you’re running and you think of turning it to a niche focused blog. the highlighted points below will guide you on how to achieved that.

  • Look at your categories. what categories does your blog fall in? You can easily check this by looking at the category and bloat tags menu, it will show you the categories you’ve performed well and this could turn out to be a niche you’re passionate about for blogging.
  • Look at your statistics. your blog post with the highest number of visitor is an indIcator of what and why people visit your current blog.

Break the post into pieces, what’s the topic about? how did you write it? what are the keywords and search engine optimization

  • Remove unnecessary blog post. You may need to remove excessive post that doesn’t relate to your desired niche blog because you’re not expected to write on more than a niche topic.

You may start your personal blog elsewhere and revamp your current blog into a niche blog.Your current blog will be easier to generate more traffic and build audience.

  • Do not post out of text blogs. At times, you might be tempted to post some personal stuffs on your current blog. Resist the urge and keep personal lifestyle posts on social media. Your niche blog should be mainly based on a topic!


A niche blog is purpose driven and mainly focus on a topic, if you do not see yourself writing up to 100 articles on your chosen topic ,you should choose such niche.

This is because niche blogs are something one must be passionate about and it’s lovely to see your blog grow when you’re purposeful about the content and audience.

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