Nairaplus Loan App: Assessment And Expert Review

Nairaplus Loan App: Assessment And Expert Review

Nairaplus Loan App is a loan business in Nigeria that enables customers to apply for and receive fast personal loans. NairaPlus was founded in 2013. This document explains how to apply for a loan from NairaPlus, as well as how to repay the loan, the interest rate, the terms of the payback, and many other topics.

What Exactly Is Nairaplus, And How Exactly Does It Function?

Loans can be obtained quickly and easily through the NairaPlus loan service, which is a provider of financial services that caters to Nigerians between the ages of 20 and 60 years old.

NairaPlus is a safe and convenient alternative that is equally easy to use. To apply for a loan, all that is required of you is to sign up for the service. Your bank account will be credited with the money that is owed to you directly.


When you get a loan through the NairaPlus app, you won’t have to sign any paperwork or put up any collateral beforehand. You just need to provide truthful information when filling out the required fields.

Due to the fact that you are a new member, you will initially be unable to obtain up to the maximum amount (50,000). However, if you take out additional loans and make payments before or on the due date, your maximum loan amount will increase.

Nairaplus Loan Requirements

Before granting any loans, the NairaPlus staff carefully examines each and every application for a loan. Your application for a loan will be turned down if you are unable to fulfill the prerequisites.

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The majority of the conditions needed to obtain a loan from NairaPlus are things that you most likely already own.

Where Can I Find Instructions For Downloading The Nairaplus Mobile App?

You can get the NairaPlus Mobile app by going to the Google Play Store and downloading and installing it from there. It is only 12 megabytes in size but has been downloaded more than half a million times. It has a current review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 17,000 customers.

Instructions For Obtaining A Loan With The Nairaplus App

You need to create an account with the NairaPlus loan service in order to be eligible to receive a loan from their business.

That is something that can be done on the mobile app. Please proceed in the following manner.

After you have successfully created an account, you will be redirected to the NairaPlus homepage. You can check the status of your loans, apply for new loans, make payments on existing loans, and perform a few other things from this page.

The Steps To Apply For A Loan Using The Nairaplus App.

The NairaPlus staff will evaluate your loan application when it has been submitted. Once the loan has been approved, the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

How Much Of A Loan Will Be Available To You?

NairaPlus would lend you money in the range of 2,000 to 50,000 naira if you meet their criteria and provide it to them as payment for the loan.

Loan Payback Terms

Users of the NairaPlus lending app have the option of making a single payment or repaying the loan in multiple installments.

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You have between three and twelve months to make payments on your loan (92 days to 365 days).

The Rate Of Interest

The annual interest rate that customers of the NairaPlus credit service are subject to paying ranges from 16 percent to 21 percent. An illustration of how interest and the total amount are computed is provided here.

If you borrow 2,000 through the NairaPlus mobile app and you choose a payback term of six months, the following will apply to you:

Paying Back Of Debts

You have the option of making payments for your loan either through the app or offline. To obtain the account credentials necessary to make an offline payment, you will need to have a conversation with a NairaPlus customer support executive.

To make a repayment on your loan through the app, go to the area labeled “repayment.” Choose the loan you want, and then pay it back using the manner you want.

Nairaplus Loan App Review

Nairaplus Loan App

NairaPlus is a genuine and authentic service, however, there are a few aspects that the platform hasn’t quite ironed out yet for users’ convenience. You need to be wary of the interest rate that NairaPlus charges, as it is too high, particularly after the third loan that you apply for and any loans after that.

Second, their representatives have an air of superiority, and their customer service is a source of annoyance.

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