My $200K Sales Template Plus Follow Up Email Campaign.

My $200K Sales Template Plus Follow Up Email Campaign.

I’m about to share with you the email follow-up sequence that 294228 subscribers have used. This series of pages, letters, funnels, and freebies earned roughly $215k in total over the course of a year.

The $215,461you see here was, however, nearly entirely generated by the email sales follow-up effort.

You’re going to learn how we increased interaction and responsiveness while maximizing sales through the use of email marketing strategies.


I’ll discuss the main takeaways from this campaign with you.

To succeed with your email marketing, you can follow the same tactics I did.

Step 1. Give Potential Clients What They Want

The first email you send as part of your follow-up procedure is the most crucial.

It’s crucial that you fulfill the first requests that consumers made.

Less people will answer as time passes, as you can see from the data when we get into this.

The first email you send and the thank-you page will get the most attention.

But I also don’t back down from an offer, so don’t be afraid to make it known in the first email.

Don’t count on many people to take you up on your offer immediately away.


since they choose to receive the freebies.

But some individuals WILL purchase it, which is why…

“A link to your offer should always be contained in your freebie.”

Including a link to your offer in the freebie itself is another crucial email marketing best practice.

Step 2: Use Free Content to Gain Credibility and Increase Sales

A video that gives viewers a free sample of my offer is the first component of the freebie I offer.

I also make it abundantly evident from the start that there is anything to purchase;

I mention repeatedly that there is a deadline coming, which they cannot miss.

I make sure to;

“Include links to the offer from inside the freebie as well as testimonials and proof.”

You will get a small minority of people who buy right away, and you will get a small minority of people who buy during the middle of the follow up process.

Most people are likely to buy after you’ve encouraged them off the fence.

Sadly, the majority of people who subscribe, of course, just won’t buy anything at all.

In fact – many of them don’t even download the freebie they requested!

While this is frustrating and confusing, there’s nothing you can do except to clean them out once or twice a month.

Remove subscribers who are not engaging with your emails – it is vital to your success. I use Getresponse (and have for 8 years!) and they make this easy.

Step 3: Be Straightforward, Open, and Honest

I make sure that from the very first email that I send out as part of this sequence, everyone is aware of exactly what is going to take place.

You don’t want to throw folks unexpected curveballs, do you?

Do not make the mistake of attempting to attract customers by giving away something of value for nothing in exchange for their contact information, only to follow up with an aggressive attempt to make a sale.

Always be honest with your potential customers.

It’s better to be completely honest up front than to speak half the truth later on and face complaints and refund requests.

This is crucial when sending the sales email follow-up procedure in general.

I make it very apparent to potential customers who sign up for my campaign that there will be a number of free videos, but that they will eventually expire.

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And a deadline is always mentioned in emails.

Tell your potential customers what’s coming up, how they can prepare, and why they should act immediately.

Step.4 Tell your potential customers to buy your products and services

For whatever reason, many business owners fear closing a deal.

They will avoid discussing sales in favor of case studies, features, and benefits.

However, they don’t openly urge customers to purchase their goods:

You need to recommend people buy your product.

This firmly establishes your brand in the prospect’s mind by demonstrating your belief in and trust in your own offer.

This could be improved to be even more useful;

providing evidence, a guarantee, and testimonials to support your claims.

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Step 5: Use Mixed Media to Increase Your Income.

I use a variety of mediums, as you have previously seen with this campaign.

There is text in the emails, of course, as well as films for the giveaway and photographs in some of them:

I don’t use images in email messages on a regular basis.


Because people become insensitive to them.

It is also not usual practice to send emails. You want your emails to look personal.

Have you ever received an email from a loved one with an embedded picture in it?

But on occasion, using the proper image in your email can have a significant impact.

At Unsplash, you can find a ton of fantastic, cost-free generic pictures.

I utilized a screenshot of several product reviews I had gotten for many of my emails

In various emails, I also included text versions of additional testimonies.

But this email with images is especially significant.

It serves as social proof.

People are able to understand that they are not alone in their purchasing choices.

By showing your prospect that others have gone before them and were successful or appreciated the offer, you can allay some of their fears.

You must include this in your email follow-up campaigns for sales.

Step 6: Use the Power of Proofs to Complete the Sale

There is never enough evidence, but…

When trying to sell your product, you need proof, yet thus far no one has purchased it.

So you can’t gather proof.

How can this vicious cycle be broken?

One strategy is to give away your product in exchange for a frank review from a customer.

Make sure you are not offering your goods for free in exchange for a favorable review.

You don’t want to appear to be paying or bribing people to say what you want them to say.

You simply want beta testers to provide you with their frank opinions.

When your offer is prepared, you can contact your target market and provide a constrained number of spaces or units without charge.

All you want in exchange is that they offer you their frank assessment of the situation.

In this approach, you can gather evidence and endorsements before you’ve even conducted any transactions.

“Include links in the member’s area and send emails to your list asking for success stories to encourage your customers to contribute testimonials and case studies.”

More proofs mean more sales for you, so get as much as you can.

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Step 7:  Turn up the “heat” on your email Near the end of the campaign

It is essential that you increase the number of emails you send in the last stages of your follow-up campaign.

You definitely don’t want to have to increase the frequency right off.

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People are only interested in getting free stuff.

You can, of course, give them additional helpful information; however, if you try to ramp up the selling too quickly, this strategy can backfire on you.

It is important to communicate the approaching deadline, the limited quantity, or the urgent nature of the offer as soon as possible.

If you bring this up at the beginning of your emails, you will have opened the door to continue discussing this subject and exchanging additional emails in the future.

On the very last day, you will receive emails that are not merely of any type; rather, they are each formatted in such a way as to appeal to a particular frame of mind.

Some people will buy due to emotional motivations, while others will buy due to logical or reasonable motivations.

You need to find a way to win over both of them.

These people practice what is known as “due diligence.”

They are the type of potential customers who will investigate a carrot for many hours on Google before making a purchase.

The choices that some people make are determined by the goals and targets that they have set for themselves individually.

When dealing with these individuals, it is necessary to relate stories.

You need to engage in some “future-forwarding” activities;

Paint a picture for them of what their life would be like if they take advantage of your offer and how it will change for the better.

Alternately, you might depict what their life would be like in the future if they DO NOT buy what you are selling to them even though you are offering a discount.

Make an appeal to their feelings.

To maximize your revenue, you have to check off all of these requirements one at a time.

On the very last day, you shouldn’t be scared to send out a lot of emails.

These could be very simple email messages.

“The final day of the campaign is the last chance for the prospects to get the offer, and it is also your last chance to make the sale – make the most of this opportunity!”

Step 8: Place emphasis on the Sense of Urgency in Order to Increase Your Sales

I started dropping hints about the approaching deadline in the very first instant email that was sent out as part of the sales follow-up effort.

People were aware from the very beginning that there was an offer that would eventually result in a higher price being charged.

It is essential for a follow-up sequence to have some kind of sense of desperation.

Perhaps you decide to raise the price.

It’s possible that you only have a certain number of units available.

Or perhaps you are offering a limited-time promotion that is only valid for a predetermined amount of time.

It’s possible that you have a special perk that’s only offered to a limited number of customers.

Whatever the case;

Your sales will take a significant hit if you do not establish and strictly adhere to a deadline.

You now have the go-ahead to send additional emails thanks to the impending deadline.

You begin by approaching this matter in a way that is mild and unobtrusive, beginning with the very first email.

As the email marketing campaign progresses, you will have the opportunity to emphasize it by including countdowns both within the emails themselves and on the offer page itself.

Because of this, the majority of the campaign’s total sales are generated in the later stages.

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Step 9. FAQ Last Day Money Spinner

This is one of the email marketing methods that I enjoy using the most.

If customers are still going through the follow-up process after several days have passed and they have not yet made a purchase, there are one of two possible explanations for this behavior:

#1 they are not reading any of your emails at all.

#2. They have not yet removed their objections

Naturally, you have the option of inviting individuals to respond to your email with their challenges.

The response rate you get from your email marketing could be improved with the help of this tactic.

However, this does take a lot of time.

Sending out an email including frequently asked questions is a better way to address people’s concerns and overcome their resistance to making a purchase.

This helps you to address the primary concerns that prevent customers from purchasing your offer in a manner that results in the greatest number of sales:

Are all of the questions posed in such a way that a “Yes” response can be given to each and every one of them?

This is not a random occurrence.

It’s a sales tactic that dates back to the dawn of time (but is under-utilized in email marketing)…

The more times you are able to convince a person to agree with you or consider agreeing with you, the more sales you will make.

But don’t just dream up queries;

In practice, you should make advantage of the questions that come up most frequently.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions that could make you feel uncomfortable.

It is important that you provide an answer to this question if you are frequently questioned about the high cost of your item.

Do you frequently get questions from customers asking why your deal does not have a refund policy?

Then give your response to this inquiry.

“Think of all the explanations and objections people may come up with, not to buy your offer, and smash them one by one in a detailed FAQ on the last day. Think of all the excuses and objections people may come up with, not to buy your offer.”

Step 10: For a Final Sales Boost, Send an Email with the Subject Line “Last Chance”

This is the simplest form of an email to send, but it also has the possibility to be one of the most rewarding;

You want this to give the impression that it was sent at the very last minute, perhaps even from a mobile phone…

To put it plainly, anything along the lines of a brief reminder from one person to another.

e.g “Hey. Do not skip this!”

For all those individuals who are still on the fence about something, this should serve as the ultimate and final warning to them that if they do not act now, they will be left out of the loop permanently.

You must, of course, be a man of your word and see to it that the time at which you claim your offer will expire is the time at which it truly does expire.

If you talk about a deadline like this but don’t actually keep to it, you will lose credibility much more quickly than you would otherwise.

This email offering a last chance to succeed is very easy to compose and can bring you excellent results.

Do not make any attempts to sell anything in this email.

Do not make any attempt to respond to inquiries or provide any additional information;

You have already completed all of the necessary groundwork.

Just keep it basic.

This is merely a gentle reminder to state that;

“The time to act is now or never.”

“Include this “Last Chance” email in your follow-up campaign, and you’ll be amazed at the surge in sales…”

You are now aware of the requirements necessary to develop an effective email sales follow-up campaign.

I hope that you have found this free training on email marketing to be very valuable and that you have learned a lot from it, regardless of how much experience you have.

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