10 Ways How to Make Money While Pregnant, While On Maternity Leave in 2022

10 Ways How to Make Money While Pregnant, While On Maternity Leave in 2022

There’s nothing quite like finding out you’re expecting a child and realizing you need money quickly. Is it possible to earn money while one is expecting a child?

Consider the advice of myself and other mothers regarding these tried-and-true, legitimate ways to earn additional money when you are expecting a child.

Many mothers ask themselves as they get ready for the arrival of a new child. When faced with such a challenging question, there are two things that you absolutely must not forget: Raising a child is a wonderful experience, and having a baby is one of the best ways to maximize your return on investment.


Even if things are difficult for you right now, there are still steps you can do that will put you in a better position financially to welcome a new child into the world.

When you are expecting a child, you can still participate in a wide variety of lawful work and earn money in other ways. Managing emails, providing customer service, being a virtual assistant, freelancing in writing, editing, graphic design, and other creative fields are all legitimate work-from-home careers.

Are You on Maternity leave already? And if you are already seeking for ways to make money, I will give you a head start right now.

To get started, draw up a budget proposal. If you currently have one, you will want to update it so that it takes into account the increased costs you will be incurring. You may seek assistance from a friend, or you could go online for a budget template.

A woman is entitled to a pleasant and restful period of time during pregnancy, during which she is expected to remain at home in order to care for her newborn or newborn.

It looks like everything is going to work out well, but after 5-7 months of maternity leave, you’re going to start to run out of money sooner or later.

The question “How can I make money while on maternity leave while I’m stuck at home with my children?” is one that comes up very frequently in conversations with many mothers.

As you examine your budget, you may come to the conclusion that you require an increase in your income in order to cover the cost of your spending.

Let’s Examine 10 Ways How to Make Money While Pregnant

How to Make Money While Pregnant

1. Using Cashback and Rebate Apps Can Help You Make Money

Make sure that you are earning the most cash back possible on your purchases by utilizing the tools that offer the highest cashback rates for the easiest way to earn money. You may be eligible for significant rebates on a variety of purchases, including but not limited to groceries, cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, travel, memberships, pet supplies, and wine.

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EBATES is a program that will reward you with cashback checks or a deposit into your PayPal account every three months merely for clicking a button before making any online purchases.

There are many retailers who will give you cashback ranging from $1 to 40% on items that you are already purchasing. Once you get started, you’ll look back and wish you’d started utilizing it earlier in your life.


Ibotta allows users to easily recover a portion of the cost of items that they would have purchased otherwise, such as milk, bread, crackers, toilet paper, baby wipes, formula, and beer.

When you redeem the rebates, all you have to do is take pictures of your receipts, and you’ll get actual money back through either PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards.

Ibotta rewards new users with a $10 Welcome Bonus simply for signing up for the service.

2. Virtual Assistant

There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about the fact that you enjoy working in an office.

In point of fact, people are looking for your services—virtually! Because of the meteoric rise of internet commerce, there has been an unprecedented increase in the need for virtual assistants.

Even though I’m not actively looking for it, I still come across posts in my Facebook groups every single week that offer employment opportunities for virtual assistants.

There are hundreds of different tasks that may be performed by a virtual assistant, but some of them include answering customer service inquiries and checking email.

Everything from editing videos to proofreading and graphic design is included. Virtual Assistants have the ability to work from home and typically earn between $20 and $35 per hour.

3. Writer Working Independently

In order to maintain readers’ interest, blogs must frequently provide fresh information to the wider world.

But finding the time and coming up with the ideas might be challenging. In addition to this, it is beneficial to have a new viewpoint every once in a while.

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Therefore, if you were a Freelance Writer, you might make money by contributing to other people’s blogs by writing pieces.  

I personally know mothers who work as freelance writers and ghostwriters and bring in several thousand dollars each and every month.

4. Proofreader or Editor Working Independently

If you find that you are constantly wanting to correct the misspellings and improper grammar that you notice in the world around you, then perhaps you might consider becoming a proofreader or editor.

Transform that talent into a skill that can earn you money and that you can accomplish on your own time.

There are many individuals who are willing to pay you for the use of your eagle eyes.

I have experience editing and proofreading a variety of written works, including online course material, blogs, and books.

5. Social Media Manager

Because of the proliferation of social media, all types of businesses, from those run by a single person to those with revenues in the billions of dollars, need assistance from a third party in order to maintain and expand their online presence.

Because managing social media platforms is such a common and in-demand way for virtual assistants to make money, the Fully Booked Virtual Assistant program includes Social Media Management as one of its specialized tracks and skills classes.

6. Paid surveys

You have a lot of time on your hands, but you don’t know how to turn that time into money.

Do you relish the opportunity to be heard? I have a small recommendation for you if the answer to both of those questions is yes.

You could try taking paid online surveys if you want to get some extra money.

The method is so straightforward that it almost seems silly. To begin, you will need to establish a profile on one of the available sites.

To further discuss this topic, why don’t you take a look at our homepage? Anyway, after you’ve established a profile, you’ll begin receiving invites to participate in paid surveys shortly thereafter.

These invitations will be extended to you on the basis of your individual tastes and abilities.

Oh, and what about the various methods of payment? You can get paid via PayPal (or other online payment platforms).

Alternatively, you can find coupons for discounts at a variety of online stores. Last but not least, if you want to, you can give the money to charity in the form of a direct donation.

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7. Design of graphics

Are you familiar with the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software packages and how to navigate through them?

Have you ever worked in the field of graphic design? In that case, a great number of employment opportunities related to this line of work can be found on the internet.

The online labor marketplace known as Upwork, along with a number of other similar services, received a very substantial offer.

In this day and age, the significance of a good visual presentation is not something that needs to be emphasized.

 Because of this, those who are skilled in graphic design are in high demand. Therefore, if you possess the knowledge and equipment required for these assignments, there is no valid excuse for you to turn them down.

8. Launch your own blog.

I have a suggestion: begin writing about your pregnancy on your own personal blog! We are not guaranteeing that it is going to work right away, but who knows…

No one started largely! In any case, it is not necessary that it be about pregnancy or anything else associated with it!

Your range of interests extends beyond the confines of the motherhood domain of expertise.

If you feel that you have anything to contribute to the conversation surrounding a certain issue, write a blog post about it.

Now is your opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world your ideas and emotions.

 And if you get enough people to click on your website links, there’s a good possibility you’ll be able to turn those clicks into cash!

9. Transcriber

A person who is responsible for converting audio files into text is known as a Transcriptionist. Someone who is strong at listening attentively, has the ability to type fast, and works in an environment that is somewhat quiet might do well in this position. If this describes you, the following transcriptionist jobs do not require any previous experience on the candidate’s part.

Final Thought

I hope my points on side hustles for pregnant women will help you make good your decision. A few hundred dollars a month may not be able to replace your full-time employment, but it can help you cover the costs of things like groceries and diapers.

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