How to Withdraw Money from Limited Paypal Account

How to Withdraw Money from Limited Paypal Account

What is Paypal?

PayPal is a system that allows users to pay for goods and services online, as well as send and receive monetary transactions, in a safe and reliable manner.

You can pay for items on thousands of websites using Apple Pay or other digital financial systems, PayPal does same and more.

In addition to being able to use PayPal to pay for goods and services, the service also enables users to receive monetary payments. Your PayPal account stores any funds that are sent to it and makes them available for use when making a purchase; the balance can be replenished using the credit or debit cards you have on file or your bank account.


You also have the option of moving the funds to one of the cards or bank accounts that have been designated to you. It is possible that you will be charged a fee when you receive money into your PayPal account; however, the usage of PayPal to make purchases is typically free of charge.

When sending money to family or friends with a PayPal account, you won’t be charged any fees as long as the transaction doesn’t involve currency conversion.

Why You Need A Paypal To Make Payment And Receive Payment

Its buyer protection features will also ensure that you receive a refund in the event that an item you purchase online does not arrive or does not fit the description given by the seller.

Those who sell products on a personal or commercial basis and are paid using PayPal are also protected. This protection extends to both individuals and businesses. For instance, if you can give confirmation that you shipped an item to the buyer via post and the buyer claims they did not receive it, you are entitled to the full amount even though you did not receive the item.

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One more reason to utilize PayPal is that it adds an extra degree of protection to the transactions that are being processed. Because you are not required to submit your card details or CCV number every time you make a purchase, the online store does not have your details stored in its database. Instead, it only requires your PayPal username and password or your cellphone number and PIN.

OneTouch payments are an additional option that may be available to you. If you enable this service, PayPal will keep your account signed in so that you do not need to enter your information each time you make a purchase, regardless of the store you shop at. This is due to the fact that it is unique to each device and browser. If you enable OneTouch on your own computer, for instance, it will only function properly when you use that particular machine and the same web browser.

There are specialized PayPal apps available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems, and each one features biometric authentication for an additional layer of protection.

Why Is My PayPal Account Limited Permanently?

If your PayPal account has been permanently limited, it is because PayPal believes you broke one of its Terms and Conditions or Agreement regulations or engaged in fraudulent or unlawful behavior.

You might have violated the following listed below:

  • Violations of:
    • “Acceptable Use Policy”
    • “Commercial Entity Agreements”
    • “PayPal Balance Terms and Conditions”
    • Or any other agreements
    • Violation of any “law, statute, ordinance, or regulation”
    • Selling counterfeit goods
    • Give “false, inaccurate, or misleading information”
    • Send or recieve what could be fraudulent funds
    • Have a negative balance on your account
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What Happens If My Paypal Account Is Permanently Limited?

Your PayPal account cannot be used to make purchases at this time. The user account is disabled for either a predetermined amount of time or indefinitely.

After 180 days, which is the typical time restriction, PayPal enables you to transfer funds that have been temporarily frozen in your account to a bank account that has been registered with PayPal.

Will You Be Able To Withdraw Your Funds After 180 Days?

If a PayPal account is limited, funds are kept there for 180 days. The money will be available to you after the first half of the year, and you can take it out whenever you like. You will receive an email from PayPal with instructions on how to retrieve any unused monies in your account.

How Can I Restore My Limited Paypal Account?

You can reach the Resolution Center by visiting the website. Click Go to Account Limitations under ‘Your account access is limited’ to view your account’s restrictions. Click on each need to fulfill it.

Can I Create Another Paypal Account Once My Account Has Been Permanently Limited?

Frequently, PayPal accounts are now being restricted. A rapid spike in sales or PayPal revenues is among the most frequent causes.

Due to the fact that his or her PayPal account has been closed, the individual is unable to lawfully create a new PayPal account.

How Do I Get In Touch With The Paypal Support Team If My Account Is Limited?

You should get in touch with PayPal directly if you are of the opinion that the decision to permanently limit your account was made in error, or if you are aware that someone has gained unauthorized access to your account.

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In addition, there are other channels via which you can communicate with PayPal.

Sending a message to PayPal using either Facebook or Twitter is one option for getting in touch with the company.

Going to the Contact Us page on the PayPal website is yet another option for getting in touch with the company.

Final Thought

If you abuse PayPal on a regular basis, you will be permanently banned. Additionally, you will be prohibited from buying and/or selling on all eBay sites. You will have made a profit by purchasing products on eBay and then reselling them elsewhere.

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