There is no one way to get ahead that works for everyone. If you have the right attitude, plan, and work ethic, you can make a living doing what you love.

As a general rule, unskilled labor is work that doesn’t require any kind of formal education or training.

This used to stop people from getting jobs, but the rise of the gig economy and the internet has changed everything. Now, it is not only possible but also easy for people with no skills to find well-paying work.


When we talk about skills, we mean things like degrees, certificates, and experience. If you don’t have any of these traits, it doesn’t mean you’re not as smart as someone who does. That’s all it means if you haven’t done some of the things people expect of you.

To be honest, just because a job doesn’t require a degree doesn’t mean it will be easy or simple. If you want to make money doing something you don’t think of as a “skilled” job, either as a full-time job or a side hustle, you have to be willing to learn and work hard.

No matter what your skills are, I’m here to help you find a high-demand path that you can turn into real money.

Based on what you just read, here are 13 of the best ways to make money in 2022 without any skills.

To make money, you don’t have to be an expert.

First, learn how to be a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who helps a business or client with digital tasks. Virtual assistants can choose to work from home or in a shared office space. Typical tasks include entering data, managing schedules, and talking on the phone or by email.

As a virtual assistant, you can set your own hours, choose your own clients, and make good money by helping people with their daily tasks. This is a great job for people who are naturally organized and like making things easier for other people.

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There are many freelancing marketplaces and specialized websites, such as Fiverr and Upwork, that help people find work as virtual assistants.

Sign up for an account on Taskrabbit.

If you have trouble staying at work during the day, you can make money as a Tasker for Taskrabbit.

People who need help can ask for your help if you sign up and choose the tasks you want to do.

Your client will pay you through Taskrabbit’s secure platform once you’ve finished a job and sent them an invoice with your hourly rate and any other fees. If you play your cards right, you might even get tips, which are extra money.

Taskers can make extra money in over 50 different ways. Start out with easy side jobs like grocery shopping and mowing the lawn, and then move on to more complicated ones.

Taskrabbit is a great way to make extra money on top of your regular job. To put it another way, the better your profile is, the more likely you are to get a job that pays the bills.

Third, use sites that pay you to take surveys.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to fill out online surveys. It’s easy to do, and you can make extra money in your spare time while sitting on your own couch.

But the pay for this job is one of the lowest you can get. People who do surveys shouldn’t be expected to work full-time jobs. They might be able to help you pay some of your bills each month.But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time on them. Paid surveys on sites like Survey Junkie can help you make money while you’re watching TV or waiting in line. Swagbucks and other survey sites like it let online retailers earn cash back, gift cards, or PayPal cash.

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Most survey sites also offer referral bonuses, so if you bring your friends along, you may make even more money.

Set up a YouTube account.

Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to get your work seen by more people and make money from it.

YouTube is the best place to make funny videos, fitness programs, or walkthroughs for video games.

Of course, YouTube isn’t the quickest way to start making money. You’ll need more subscribers to show

potential advertising partners that you have a loyal audience.

Because of this, you’ll be able to use your own set of skills. In a sea of channels, it’s hard to stand out, so you’ll need a plan to do so.

As you go through the process, keep these things in mind:

  • Do what you can do well.
  • Stay on track.
  • Find your place and stay there.
  • Every time you post something new, try to make it better.
  • If you have a lot of viewers, you can make money from your channel through ads and sponsorships.

Start writing on your own.

If you like to write, you might be surprised by how many ways there are to make money from it. Every website needs content, so good writers are always in demand.

Also, writing online is a great chance because no one cares what your SAT score is or whether or not you have an MFA. All that matters is that you can quickly and easily make content that is good and gets people’s attention.

If you want to build a professional writing portfolio, you might have to take any job that comes your way. Setbyour own price, make a profile on Fiverr or Upwork, and look around once you have some good examples.

Even if you prefer to work behind the scenes, you can still look for proofreading and editing jobs on the same sites.

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Use Craigslist or eBay to sell things.


One easy way to make money from home is to sell things you already have. If you have a closet full of gently used clothes or a basement full of old LPs, you can sell them on well-known sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Selling your goods in this way is, of course, not the best way to do business. When your product runs out is when you can start to get a little smarter.

Once you’ve saved up a little money, you can look for deals in the same places. On Craigslist, you can find things that you can get for free or for a low price, fix up, and then sell for a profit. Tag sales and book fairs are also good places to look for deals.

If you choose this option, you should keep an eye on how much it will cost. When you sell things on the internet, keep in mind that you will have to pay for packaging and shipping if you want to make a profit.


As you can see, earning money doesn’t necessitate any unique abilities.

When people ask me how they can make money online, I always tell them that they shouldn’t go get a degree.As shown by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, a lot of people have chosen not to go to school and have gone on to do well.

Even though those are extreme examples, the fact is that there is no one way to be successful. If you have the right attitude, plan, and work ethic, you can make a living doing what you love.

It’s out there, and you can get it. So it is up to you to make the effort to find it. I’ll be there to cheer you on every step of the way.

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