Freepik’s Photo, Design, and Illustration Marketplace Can Pay You Crazy!

Freepik’s Photo, Design, and Illustration Marketplace Can Pay You Crazy!

On Freepik, you can sell your designs and photographs for money.

Since its launch in 2011, Freepik has become a leading source for free and premium graphic resources. A graphic designer’s website for graphic designers. Over 17 million free graphics are available on the site. Mockups, graphic posters, vector images, stock pictures, and flat icons are just some of the many options available.

With Freepik you can join a worldwide community of contributors and start making money from your designs. ”


With Freepik’s global contributor network, you may make decent money as a graphic designer, illustrator, or photographer.

What does the FreePik Contributor Program entail?

Freepik is known for its extensive collection of free graphics. It serves as both a design search engine and a marketplace for buyers and sellers. Almost 32 million people visit the site every month, so designers have the chance to show off their work! A lot of exposure for a newcomer in this profession. A win-win situation is created.

Become a member of the Freepik contributors

Freepik has developed a contributor program that allows designers from across the world to earn money from their designs, in addition to the company’s own team of committed designers. FreePik contributors are the sole source of any visual element bearing the Golden Crown insignia.

How can contributors make money on Freepik?

Step-by-step instructions for getting started as a Freepik contributor:

  • Create a contributor account by clicking HERE.
  • Freepik contributors can’t modify their account names once they’ve been established, so choose wisely.
  • Once you’ve completed the registration process and read the terms and conditions, you can go to the billing details section.
  • Don’t be sloppy in filling out their details.
  • The part on financial data is the next logical step. Documents such as your driver’s license or state identification card must be uploaded here.
  • This is the final step in creating a contributor profile for your work. Once you’ve added your web portfolio or bio, you’re done! To begin uploading your designs,
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The process of putting your designs on the internet:

Please read the following before submitting any drawings or photos:

  1. Freepik assigns a star rating to each of its contributors.
  2. An entry-level contributor is one who has contributed no more than 20 graphics, whereas a Level 3 contributor has more than 100 graphics.
  3. You must upload exactly 20 designs when you initially begin publishing your material. That’s all there is. It’s an absolute must.
  4. In your Contributor Panel, click on Upload to begin uploading. Remember to include a preview image (.jpg or.png) with your editable file when uploading a design.
  5. Choose your design category, then use tags and tiles to describe your graphic materials as precisely as possible after you have uploaded them.
  6. Once the Freepik community has given your designs the all-clear, your listed resources can be sold.

Are you paid for your work?

Monthly payments are made to Freepik’s designers. PayPal and Payoneer are the methods used by the platform to pay its designers.

Sign up with Payoneer here (and get a free $25 credit to get you started).

Freepik accepts payments in two different ways. Pay Per Download is the first option. Per month’s average download volume and subscription count are used to arrive at this figure.

The RPI technique is another way to calculate the RPI. Your revenues from each image download are used to calculate RPI, or Returns Per Page. The more money you make, the higher your RPI.

On average, users are making $0.08 every download. Of course, more money will be made if the designs and images are better.

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If you’re looking for a place to showcase and sell your work, FreePik is a great option. Additionally, it’s a terrific place to build your professional reputation and show off your best work.

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