Expertnaire Review: A to Z explanations and guide to selling 2022

Expertnaire Review: A to Z explanations and guide to selling 2022

What is Expertnaire Affiliate Program Platform

Expertnaire platform links digital product designers with affiliate marketers who handle the sales of the products.

So, as a maker of digital goods, all you have to do is publish your goods on the platform and let the marketers handle the rest in exchange for a commission.


On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need to create digital products to make money; you can use the affiliate model instead.

We would talk about how to rake in cash on Expertnaire without ever selling a thing.

Affiliate marketing: What is it in simple terms?

Through the use of an affiliate marketing business model, individuals with a background in sales and marketing can assist a firm in promoting its goods while earning a commission on each transaction.

As an affiliate, all you have to do is choose a product you like, advertise it, and profit from each sale.

Is Expertnaire a Scam or Legitimate Affiliate Program?

The Expertnaire program is completely legitimate and contains no elements of fraud or fraudulent advertising. You can also decide whether to sign up with them as a vendor or an affiliate.

We conducted an extensive study on the sites, the users, and the founder, Toyin Omotoso before coming to this conclusion.

The Following Are Some Approaches To Make Money On Expertnaire:

1. As A Vendor, Course Creator Of Digital Products

The Expertnaire platform’s product creator section is for people who create digital goods to market.

In essence, studies have proved that word-of-mouth advertising is the most efficient way to close deals, which is why the Expertnaire platform operates on this tenet.

Undoubtedly, the quickest strategy to increase sales is to recruit as many affiliates as you can to market your product.

Affiliates on the network therefore inform others about the products and persuade them to purchase. Expertnaire has currently sold nearly 20,000 digital goods.

2. As an Affiliate

On Expertnaire, an affiliate relationship is the second revenue stream. You are essentially in charge of selling the goods posted by artists or vendors on the marketplace on this end.

As long as you generate sales and the vendor pays you a commission, you are free to promote the product anyway you see fit.

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In essence, this is one of the simplest ways to earn online.

Additionally, as an affiliate marketer, you can utilize your social media accounts to promote the products. These include Facebook, WhatsApp status, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

All you have to do is click the specific link that the system has given you for each product. Furthermore, the technology makes sure you get your reward and referral by tracking that precise link.

The Steps For How Expertnaire Functions As An Affiliate Are As Follows:

1. Become a member of Expertnaire

There are two straightforward ways to register on Expertnaire.

The first option is to pay $10,000 a year to become a regular Expertnaire member, which only gives you direct access to the goods you want to market.

The 72IG program of the CEO, Toyin Omotosho, is where you can sign up as a premium member, which is the second way to join.

If you have no prior experience with affiliate marketing, this grants you automatic membership to all digital marketing courses.

This premium membership course costs 62,500 as of right now.

2. Pick a product to advertise on Expertnaire’s online store.

Your login information will be emailed to the email address you provided when signing up once payment has been made, whether you are an ordinary or premium member.

After that, you may log in, and choose the products you want to market for profit or the ones your audience will be interested in.

Make sales and get paid out by notification with an N5,000 threshold.

You will be notified through email that you placed a “successful order” and the profit you made after successfully promoting a product on Expertnaire.

3. On Friday, collect affiliate payments

If you reach the minimum barrier of at least 5,000 after making your first sale on Expertnaire, you will immediately get the money you make to your bank account on Fridays.

This means that you need to have a balance of at least 5,000 on Expertnaire before you can be paid.

Following payment, you will see “You just received a payment” in your email as well as a notification from your bank that includes a description of the Expertnaire.

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Who are Affiliates of Expertnaire?

Affiliates are persons who register on Expertnaire with the explicit intent of promoting a good, tool, or service is known as an affiliate.

However, in this instance, the Expertnaire product is only based on digital goods.

Speaking of experience, if you join as a member, you will receive a commission of more than 40% on each product you recommend.

As a result, Expertnaire affiliates are online marketers who advertise digital goods.

Pay a yearly recurring affiliate fee of just 10,000 to become an affiliate on Expertnaire.

The 72IG Implementation Program: What Is It?

Toyin Omotosho, a reputable and seasoned online marketer with many years of expertise, developed the 72IG Implementation Program, a training course on Expertnaire, to teach and demonstrate to you how to set up a straightforward affiliate internet business.

If you use all you learn from this course, you might earn at least 400,000 in a month or more.

Toyin Omotosho realized people wanted to make money online through affiliate marketing but didn’t know where to start once Expertnaire was released in 2018.

In order to teach people how to sell online, he developed the 72IG.

The training program consists of a PDF, a weekly online mentoring session, and training videos where you can obtain further assistance and training with your difficulties.

Students who sign up for this program will also receive a year of free affiliate marketing access.

You will avoid having to spend an additional 10,000 for registration in this way.

Additionally, you may start using the selling and marketing knowledge you gain from 72IG right away.

What Kind of Profit Can You Expect from Expertnaire Nigeria?

In one day, a new affiliate member generated 31 purchases. If you multiply N25,000 by 31, which is the commission per sale, you get a nice income.

Always remember that affiliate marketing is a performance-based type of business before you engage in. Consequently, in order to earn money, you must act.

Go to Google and look up people who have made money with affiliate marketing to discover if this is genuine. You will notice that these people took ACTION to record their results.

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What Methods Of Payment Does Expertnaire Accept?

You can receive payment from Expertnaire via bank deposit, which will be sent four times each month and every Friday to your Nigerian bank account.

Additionally, as a vendor, you are paid once every two weeks on Fridays under the Expertnaire’s Back Money Guarantee policy. This is done to ensure that no refund requests were made.

What Markets and Affiliate Programs Does Offer?

Expertnaire-affiliate-website has you covered whether you are a novice who wants to dabble in this make-money online thing or a seasoned digital marketer who wants to increase their revenue.

These are the numerous affiliate programs, digital items, and category options available in Expertnaire.

1. Make Money Online Niche.

There are numerous goods in the Make Money Online category that you may start pushing for commissions by copying the links.

2. Affiliate Promotions.

There are numerous digital affiliate marketing packages there, even if affiliate marketing is still considered an earn money online sector.

3. Oversea Relocation

Nigerians are moving to or looking for ways to get to Japan, thus there is potential for you to advertise these affiliate items and profit from them.

4. Online shopping

This is the third-most-popular market worldwide, and Expertnaire is not meant to be any different.

5. Passive Revenue

On Expertnaire, this is a brand-new hot market. As of this writing, you can join Expertnaire and earn passive income by uploading books to Amazon’s Kindle, writing copy, and participating in many more categories.

6. Gambling

On Expertnaire, this is a brand-new hot market.

7. Blockchain

In Nigeria, cryptocurrencies have become the new norm, and many people are eager to profit from them.

Since you requested the hottest niches, here they are. However, keep in mind that you can join other Expertnaire markets or items and have no competition.

Still unsure on where to begin? Not to worry. You can bookmark this page where I listed the top 11 courses to promote on Expertnaire.

Final Thought

Our review of Expertnaire demonstrates the legitimacy and dependability of the platform because it gives vendors of digital goods and affiliate marketers a way to increase their revenue.

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