7 Apps That Pay for Parking Space Rentals

7 Apps That Pay for Parking Space Rentals

One out of every ten motorists that pass your house are hunting for a parking spot, as you may have heard. You may be able to generate some extra money by renting out your parking space, depending on where you reside. People like you may make money by renting out your driveways through a variety of parking applications and services.

As traffic becomes more crowded, parking spaces are in high demand, which means you have a fantastic chance to make money. To save on carbon emissions, you’ll also prevent vehicles from making extra excursions to find a parking spot. This will not just save the driver’s time.

The environment and your wallet will benefit from your efforts.


You may earn money by renting out your parking space with these apps.


Residents of the United States and Canada can use the website Parking for Me to find parking. There are a number of websites out there that advertise unused parking spaces that can be used by anyone looking for a spot.

For lenders, the registration process allows them to define when their driveway is available for usage. You can also rent out your parking space in advance. Once you are listed, you will be able to set your own parking fees. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates are also available on the website. In order to list your driveway for rent, please register by clicking the sign-up button. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB

Reimbursement Information
ParkingForMe allows a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. As a result, you and the buyer can quickly come to an agreement on the mode of payment. Your driveway’s payments are not handled by the corporation.


Offering storage, garage and parking space services, Stashbee is a UK-based enterprise. It’s an excellent location to advertise your unused space and make some extra money.

Creating an account on the website will allow you to list your parking space for rent, which includes submitting your driveway’s location and dimensions (height, depth, and breadth). You’ll also be able to upload clear photos of the parking spot. Your area will be available for rent as soon as you’ve completed the setup process. Stashbee’s online, cashless system will allow you to make money on a monthly basis. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB

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Reimbursement Information

The type of parking space you have, as well as where you are located in the city, can affect your earnings. Users can earn around £70 to £175 a month this way. Stripe is used to process payments for Stashbee. When you list your driveway on Stashbee, you may estimate its value.


Car-park owners can profit from Parklet, a marketplace for storage and parking that allows clients to save 20%. Located in the United Kingdom, the business is available throughout the country. Using the app, you may list your parking space for free and rent it out daily, weekly, or monthly.

To begin earning, use Parklet’s price guide to get the going rate for your parking space. Signing up on their website will allow you to submit your service area for consideration. The Parklet team will get in touch with you if a customer expresses an interest in renting your driveway on a monthly basis. Until you locate a monthly tenant, you can still book on a daily or weekly basis. There will be additional fees for short-term bookings and a one-time setup fee, as well as a monthly commission for the monthly contract. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE CLUB

Reimbursement Information

At the end of the month, Parklet pays its lenders. Wordplay, VISA, Mastercard, Direct Debit, and American Express are all acceptable payment methods for this business.


Drivers can use YourParkingSpace to reserve parking spots for their automobiles. It’s a business in the United Kingdom that enables parking lot owners make some extra money. The company has more than a million registered users and a Trust Pilot rating of 4.7.

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By inputting the location of your parking space on the website, parking space owners can see how much money they can make. This will give you an idea of how much money you will make. If you live near an airport, stadium, or transportation hub like the tube, you might expect to make more or less money depending on where you work.

Listing your parking space is as simple as clicking the “list my parking space” button. Offering hourly or monthly services is an option once your business is listed. Then you can relax, knowing that every new booking will be sent to you through email and text message.


Reimbursement Information

Depending on where you reside, you can make anywhere from £40 to £400 as a user. YourParkingSpace takes care of all of your parking payments. Bank Transfers or PayPal payments are made on the first business day of each month.


In Ireland, Parkpnp is an excellent site to rent out your driveway and start earning money from your parking space if you own one. It offers a 70 percent discount to its customers, which implies that your parking space has a lot of potential to generate money.

It’s easy to list your parking space by going to “list your space”. Add your location, the price you’d want to charge, and a brief description of the place you’re renting out. You have the option of paying on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. If you want to communicate any rules or regulations to your driver, you can set up a meeting once you’ve been listed.

Reimbursement Information

Bank Transfer is the only method of payment accepted. When the booking is completed, the money is automatically deposited to your account. From the comfort of your own home, you have the possibility to make £2000 a year.

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ParkOnMyDrive is a car park offering company that operates in the UK, USA, and Australia. It’s easy to list your driveway as long as you register online and select the country in which you live.

A yearly fee of £20 is charged by the parking lot company to advertise your lot. When you first get a booking, you’ll be charged this fee. On your earnings, the company takes no commissions. You can charge for your driveway on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis as you see fit.

Make sure to provide a good description of your driveway so it is visible in the search bar of the app. When you’re listing your space, you’ll see two description boxes. One is for providing location description e.g. three-minutes’ walk from Wembley Stadium, and the second box is for adding a description of your driveway or garage.

Reimbursement Information

ParkOnMyDrive offers Cash payments on arrival. Users can also opt for the PayPal option, however, this option will take a commission from your earnings.

Spacer Spacer is an Australian company that deals with unused parking and storage spaces. By listing your space, users can earn up to $4200 per year.

You can become a spacer host for free by registering your space on the website. To list your parking space, provide a good description and photographs to attract more renters. Spacer advertises your listing and then the most suitable renter is accepted for you.

Reimbursement Information

The company handles all deposits and payment exchanges. Spacer deposits your earnings into your bank directly. Monthly payments will be made within a 24-hour window of your renter moving into your driveway and each month till the monthly booking ends. Users can earn up to $4,200 a year.

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