10 of the Best Affiliate Programs for Email Marketers in 2022

10 of the Best Affiliate Programs for Email Marketers in 2022

Affiliate programs are like telling someone that… but on the Internet. If I scratch your back, you’ll do the same for me.

The product you promote will get more attention, and the company you promoted it for will pay you. They get a new customer, and you get the cash. Everyone comes out on top.

Affiliate marketing is used by 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers to promote products and increase sales. With 35 percent of affiliate marketers making at least $20,000 a year, affiliate marketing is a good way to make money.


Affiliate marketing is worth a lot of money now, which is not surprising given how popular it is. Statista said that in the US alone, $8.2 billion will be spent on affiliate marketing in 2022, which is more than three times what it was just ten years ago.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s affiliate marketing program is based on monthly recurring income and a commission structure that goes up over time.

The program Active Campaign gives you:

A recurring commission rate of no more than 30 percent

90-day cookie tracking

PayPal automatically pays out commissions every month.

If you decide to sign up for a commission, it will be based on a tiered structure:

Silver-tier You can get 20% of the commission if you bring in 100 new customers in 90 days.

Gold Tier: Get 100 new customers in 30 days by referring them. Or, if you have $500 in active accounts, you can get a 25% commission.

Platinum Tier: If you bring in a new business worth $500 or more within 90 days, or if you have at least $2,000 in active accounts, you’ll get a 30% commission.

Most of the affiliate programs on this list have a base commission rate of 30 percent, which is also the highest level you can reach with ActiveCampaign. This means that you’ll have to work a lot harder than with other programs on our list to get to the 30 percent level.

You will get paid from any account you use to refer people. Be aware, though, that if your tier status changes (for example, if an account you referred has to cancel its plan), your commission may change if it falls below the required threshold.

Active Campaign also pays out commissions after 60 days, and you won’t get paid if a client cancels their account or gets a portion of their money back.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue’s affiliate marketing program is generous because it gives you a reward for every customer you send their way, even if they sign up for a free account.

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The Sendinblue program offers a free trial worth 5 EUR ($6) 100 EUR for paid account ($120)

Regular commissions will be paid by an agency program that tracks cookies for 90 days.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link to Sendinblue’s website and signs up for one of their tools, you’ll get 5 euros for a free account and 100 euros for a paid account.

Sendinblue tracks every click on your images and links, just like the other tools on our list, to make sure you get paid if the user converts. Sendinblue uses Tapfiliate to check the accuracy of clicks, and it also lets you check payments in real time.

You might also be able to join Sendinblue’s agency program, which gives you recurring commissions based on how much money new customers spend.

If a customer you sent to Sendinblue upgrades their membership, your fee goes up.

Every month, commissions are paid out through PayPal and bank wire transfers.

3. ClickFunnels

Affiliates in the ClickFunnels program can earn up to 40% per month in recurring commissions, but there is a catch.

To get the 40% bonus, you’ll need to show that you’ve sent at least 40 active ClickFunnels members their way using your affiliate ID.

It would help if you also showed that the members you mentioned are paying members who have been paying for at least 30 days.

If you don’t have proof, you won’t be able to get the 40% monthly recurring commission rate.

But, ClickFunnels program still pays you: 20 percent recurring commissions until $1000 in sales. After that, the Recurring Commission on subscriptions and other products, like eBooks, will go up to 30%.

The one-time payout for commissions on courses

Since the affiliate program is based on a recurring commission structure, as long as the people you send to ClickFunnels continue to use the service, you’ll keep getting paid.

Be aware that, just like with the 40% Commission bracket, the applicant will have to show that they have referred their friends in order to get an extra 30% commission.

4. MailerLite

MailerLite’s affiliate program lets you take out any commissions you’ve made once you’ve earned $50.

MailerLite is different from other programs because you don’t have to wait until a certain date to get paid. Once you’ve earned $50 in commissions, all you have to do is ask for a payment, and the money will be sent to your PayPal account.

MailerLite’s program offers: a 30% recurring commission

Unique affiliate link for keeping track

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Affiliate dashboard for keeping track of conversions and payments

As with the other tools, You can also put your own MailerLite referral link on your social media and website pages to get people to look at the service and sign up.

MailerLite keeps track of every visitor who converts and adds them right away to your Affiliate Dashboard. This makes it easy to see how your referrals are doing.

MailerLite does have an affiliate program, but it has some restrictions. It doesn’t let you use online advertising platforms like Bing and Google AdWords to promote your affiliate link, and you only get a percentage of commissions when a customer signs up to buy a paid product.

5. Constant Contact

Even if someone signs up for a free product through Constant Contact’s affiliate program, they can still get a payment.

If someone you send to the free trial and they sign up, you’ll get $5. If they end up being a paying customer of Constant Contact, you’ll get an extra $105 commission.

The software from Constant Contact offers:

No limit on commission payments

$5 each for a free trial, or $105 each for paid accounts

tracker cookie for 120 days

Constant Contact is similar to GetResponse in that it lets you promote their products to potential customers by giving you tools to put on your site.

With these banners, ads, and other content, you can put Constant Contact’s message on your website and match it to your page’s design.

Using an affiliate tracker dashboard, you can also keep track of how many of your visitors buy and how much you earn in commissions.

6. GetResponse

GetResponse’s affiliate program is a great way for bloggers, e-commerce sellers, and small businesses to make a second stream of income by recommending one of the most popular email marketing tools on the market.

GetResponse’s app offers 33% commission per recurring account or $100 on paid accounts.

Affiliates get paid for every new sign-up for 120 days, and a “cookie” keeps track of referrals. If they buy something from you within 4 months, you get the commission.

You can choose between two affiliate programs to get started.

The “bounty” program is one way to get paid quickly (each customer who signs up for a paid account will give you $100).

But the “recurring” program gives you 33% of each sale you send their way. This is great for long-term income streams, and it’s also the first affiliate program that can pay this much.

After you sign up for our service, we’ll give you an affiliate link that you can put in your emails or photos to promote GetResponse. This way, we can track who you sent to us and thank you for it.

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GetResponse uses a cookie to track clicks on the link you provide. This means that every referral you send is linked to your account number, making it easier for you to keep track of which referrals are working best and how many you’ve sent.

If you sign up to be an affiliate, you’ll have free access to banners, videos, and sales letters that you can use to get people to check out GetResponse.

7. AWeber

Not to be left out, AWeber’s affiliate marketing program can help you earn a commission more often by giving you monthly newsletters and how-to videos.

If you sign up, you’ll have access to helpful videos that explain how to make the most of the program, as well as regularly scheduled newsletters that give you the tips you need to be successful as an AWeber affiliate.

The AWeber program gives you recurring referrals and a 30% payment.

When a referral is turned into a sale, you’ll get an email.

Commission earnings are paid out every month.

Like the other affiliate program we’ve listed, AWeber will give you an affiliate ID. This means that every referral you make will be recorded and then charged to your credit card.

You will also have access to a collection of content and resources that you can use to spread the word about AWeber. Not just with banner ads, but also with easy-to-add content to your site.

When someone buys an AWeber product through your site, you’ll get an email right away with the good news.

8. Mailigen

Mailigen’s affiliate marketing service meets a lot of the requirements for a good program, such as recurring commissions, tracking cookies, and marketing tools.

The affiliates of the program are called “partners,” and VIPs get higher one-time commissions.

But the way they pay out commissions isn’t the most flexible. They won’t pay you until you’ve made $100 in commissions. But their website says that if you need to, you could set up a different way to pay.

Mailigen’s program is still available:

30 percent commission on a regular basis

120-day cookies

A mix of IP addresses and cookies to track the referrals.

If you tell someone about Mailigen and they decide to join, you’ll get a percentage of whatever they choose, like a monthly plan or email credit. Be aware

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